Podcast: Race in the Workplace with Joanna Shoffner Scott, Ph.D.

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Race in the Workplace is a podcast for DEI organizational leaders that explores race, racism, and racial equity in the workplace.

I will use the experience I have gained by working with more than 60 organizations to share actionable how-tos and best practices to advance racial equity in your workplace.

My goal for you is to move your organization from being color-blind to equity-centered through sustainable step-by-step changes.

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The Race in the Workplace Podcast

As a Black woman with meaningful experience in the race equity space, I have seen it all. Like many DEI practitioners, my work began as an “other duties as assigned” addition to my role. I’m grateful for the path on which that “duty” set me. However, years of consulting and coaching, combined with that entry, have helped me understand some hard truths. I’m ready to share the candid stories and lessons that have inspired me to dedicate this part of my career to being a resource for those willing AND working to make sustainable, equitable organizational change.

The Latest Episodes

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What you will find on the podcast:

Lived Experiences

Demonstrated consulting experience in more than 60 organizations that include nonprofits, companies, and philanthropies.

Practical Guidance

Our work centers on practical suggestions in ways that can move an organization from color blind to equity-focused.

Always Actionable

Racial equity lives in the how. We aspire to offer listeners step-by-step actions they can use in their organizations.