Move Beyond Training: A Coaching Program by Dr. Joanna Shoffner ScottOrganizational Planning, Coaching and Technical Assistance

In my experience, organizations seek racial equity training for different reasons. Often, staff view training with a mix of apprehension and excitement, which is usually followed by the meaning–full questions like 1) How can I apply what I learn to my work; and 2) how will the organization apply training-based learning to its work?

Training is valuable. It creates a shared learning experience within organizations. Staff approach equity work with such a range of knowledge and experience. Training is an essential anchor in the shift toward equity-centered practice.  Training is an imperfect but necessary way to shape what equity means for a particular organization. BUT, it is not a destination.

There is a period after training where leaders are often unsure about how to shift toward equity. The willingness may be there, but the strategy is not. Or the tools are there, but the courage to move forward is not. In short, you may be stuck. This package was designed for you.

Moving Beyond Training is designed for organizations who have already had racial equity or other diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training and need additional support to create customized equity-centered practices.

My coaching package includes:

Three (3) virtual coaching sessions (around specific topics) for teams within your organization, that can include management and leadership, policy, communications, and administrative functions.

Team sessions with staff inside your organization.

Team specific racial equity plans to move your work forward over the next 6-8 months.

Strategies to draw from to advance equity in your work that are race-informed, by program area.

An identified set of tools that staff can use to guide their work.


We’ll start the work with:

  • An orientation to your organization’s work and your equity goals
  • A review of the work in your pipeline
  • Areas to incorporate racial equity tools to help advance your work and build staff capacity
  • An analysis of messaging frames to assist with how to talk about race in your work
  • An analysis of additional resources needed to accomplish your organization’s equity goals

Time commitment:  This package requires a 4-6 month engagement.

Ideal client: This package is ideal for organizations who want to review and shift their internal practices in specific program areas or who need support developing an overall strategy to implement training-based learning.

I currently have four slots for this program, so secure your spot! Make the shift toward equity.  Reach out by email at