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Due to the health, safety, and equity issues connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am only offering virtual sessions at this time. I look forward to being onsite with my clients, but I will do so when the work environment is safe is for every person. I have worked virtually with clients outside of my geographic area for a number of years, so I am positioned to meet you online in this difficult moment.

Training | A Shared Learning Experience (Virtual)Training should not be an end goal for organizations.

This training is an introductory session for organizations that do policy-focused work but have never had a shared learning experience. All content is customized to your organization’s area of focus and racial equity goals. This session is offered in two ways:

1. A four (4) hour virtual workshop that includes up to two (2) race equity topics most pertinent to the organization’s work. The four-hour workshop can be offered virtually in 2 (two-hour) sessions.

2. A two (2) hour virtual workshop includes key concepts around racial equity, without the two specialty topics.

I strongly feel that training is not an end goal. It’s one step on a path to becoming a more racially equitable organization.

Clients should plan to pair training engagements with another Stamey Street service. For example, a client can pair the two-hour workshop with coaching topics.

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Services include

Planning and Design

Agenda Creation

Materials Development

Virtual Facilitation

Post-session Debrief

Post-session Follow-up

How Clients Use this Service

Clients use this service as an initial shared learning experience or a refresher before digging into deeper racial equity work. It can be delivered organizationally (for small organizations) or by team (larger organizations). Rates for the four-hour engagement start at $6,500 and vary based on a specific client engagement.

Rates for a two-hour virtual session start at $2,400.00 and vary based on the specific client engagement.

Clients should plan to pair training engagements with another Stamey Street service.

A word about pricing: Although there is no travel associated with virtual sessions, successful workshops require just as much, if not more, planning time to produce desired results.

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Virtual Conference, Network Meeting, or Community Collaborative Session

Conferences and other meetings are a way to offer a brief introduction to racial equity as an organizational practice. In my experience, it can take an organization up to three (sometimes more) introductory experiences with a facilitator and an approach before they are ready to commit. While conference (or network sessions) are insufficient for doing a deep dive on race or race equity, they can provide staff (or network members) with the space to explore the concepts and ask good questions. Click here for more information including frequently requested topics.