Training, Coaching, and Professional Development

Due to the health, safety, and equity issues connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am only offering virtual sessions at this time. I look forward to being onsite with my clients, but I will do so when the work environment is safe is for every person. I have worked virtually with clients outside of my geographic area for a number of years, so I am positioned to meet you online in this difficult moment.

Training | A Shared Learning Experience (Virtual)Training should not be an end goal for organizations.

This training is an introductory session for organizations that do policy-focused work but have never had a shared learning experience. All content is customized to your organization’s area of focus and racial equity goals. This session is offered in two ways:

1. A four (4) hour virtual workshop that includes up to two (2) race equity topics most pertinent to the organization’s work. The four-hour workshop can be offered virtually in 2 (two-hour) sessions.

2. A two (2) hour virtual workshop includes key concepts around racial equity, without the two specialty topics.

I strongly feel that training is not an end goal. It’s one step on a path to becoming a more racially equitable organization.


Clients should plan to pair training engagements with another Stamey Street service. For example, a client can pair the two-hour workshop with coaching topics.

Services include

Planning and Design

Agenda Creation

Materials Development

Virtual Facilitation

Post-session Debrief

Post-session Follow-up

How Clients Use this Service

Clients use this service as an initial shared learning experience or a refresher before digging into deeper racial equity work. It can be delivered organizationally (for small organizations) or by team (larger organizations). Rates for the four-hour engagement start at $5,400 and vary based on a specific client engagement.

Rates for a two-hour virtual session start at $1,800.00 and vary based on the specific client engagement.

Clients should plan to pair training engagements with another Stamey Street service.

A word about pricing: Although there is no travel associated with virtual sessions, successful workshops require just as much, if not more, planning time to produce desired results.

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