Tools to anchor your equity workTools can help build new habits

I think racial equity work consists of two parts: courage and technical skills. This page deals with the latter. I’d like to share the tools that I use most often in my work with clients. I work primarily with the tools from the Race Matters Toolkit and have for a number of years. This set of tools is concise and user-friendly. One of the keys to sustaining race equity work is to systematically change habits. Tools can help operationalize new habits and change behaviors in meaningful ways.

Racial Equity Impact Analysis ToolUse for analysis

A “5 Question tool” that can be used with any policy, practice, strategy or protocol. I recommend that organizations start with this tool in one area and expand its use outward. Like any new tool or app, proficiency with the tool takes time. It’s a lot like building up muscle memory or getting used to an update to software that you regularly use. This tool requires two (2) sources — your own knowledge and experiences and where needed research with a racial point of view.

Getting started with conducting a racial equity impact analysisGuidance by Dr. Joanna Shoffner Scott

Practical uses for the racial equity impact analysis toolUse for analysis