Assessments | Organizational Culture and PracticesIdentify Differential Staff Experiences & Inequitable Practices

Organizational assessments are a way to learn where policies, practices, and protocols should be adjusted to be more equity-centered. Assessments can uncover instances where staff are experiencing aspects of the workplace differently. Assessments should always be followed by concrete action steps. In my experience, organizational leaders often struggle with the reality that staff are having different experiences within the organization, most often by race and gender.

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Services include

Planning and Design

A racial equity perspective informed by best practices

Technical Assistance

Document | Product Review

Writtten Recommendations

Post-report Follow-up

How Clients Use this Service

The underlying premise of this work is that racism is baked into our processes. An assessment can identify those areas. Clients hire me to review their organizational policies, practices, and processes to determine where inequities lie. Assessments are structured around the client’s needs but can include a document review only (e.g., human resources policies), interviews with staff, a report with recommendations, and an implementation strategy. Rates start at $8,700 and vary based on the type of assessment and the project’s scope of work.

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