Tools to anchor your equity workTools can help build new habits

I think racial equity work consists of two parts: courage and technical skills. This page deals with the latter. I’d like to share the tools that I use most often in my work with clients. I work primarily with the tools from the Race Matters Toolkit and have for a number of years. This set of tools is concise and user-friendly. One of the keys to sustaining race equity work is to systematically change habits. Tools can help operationalize new habits and change behaviors in meaningful ways.

How To Talk About RaceUse for equity -centered communications

This tool is most helpful when putting together any form of written or verbal communication when you are including a racial analysis or using disaggregated data. This tool comes to life when used in conjunction with the Racial Equity Impact Analysis tool and the What’s Race Got to Do With It? tool from the Race Matters Toolkit. When used alone, it is helpful guidance for structuring a productive, equity-centered communication.

Getting started with verbal and written communicationsGuidance by Dr. Joanna Shoffner Scott