Podcast: How to Plan Your DEI Growth Journey

DEI practitioners spend significant time helping organizations and institutions map out how to achieve their equity goals. But do you do the same for your growth journey?

It is easy to forget yourself. 

DEI practitioners spend significant time helping organizations and institutions map out how to achieve their equity goals. But do you do the same for your personal growth journey? In 2021, I realized this was a missing piece for me. I have invested a lot of time in my business, and I’m proud of my journey as a DEI practitioner. However, that does not negate the almost magnetic force that pulls me into pouring out for others. It’s a dynamic that we all need to directly address to move forward in our individual growth journeys.

There is no shortage of barriers to having the time to intentionally grow in our field. Is your current role exhausting your focus? I encourage you to take a few minutes and listen to this episode and learn why finding white space for yourself on your calendar is the investment you are missing.

It’s relatively simple to identify a goal. Like this podcast, for example. I identified this as a goal years ago. However, until I mapped out the exact steps to get here, nothing was moving. So, what’s on your list? Fill in the blank: I want to create ________. I need to learn ________. But how do you get there? Are you distracted by the magnitude of what’s going on in the world or close to burnout with the demands of your DEI role?

You must identify your goals, focus on what you can control, then build out the steps to get there. Not only that, but you need to identify what support you need to sustain your growth plans. Pause the pouring out and make space to POUR IN…pour into yourself. This episode gives you the components to get there. But if the notion of pausing is a challenge, go back and make sure you listen to Episode 001. Let’s get into it. 

First, ask yourself, “where do I want to grow”? [3:15]

Carve out time to plan. Setting a goal isn’t enough. This is a commitment to yourself. Don’t envision this as breaks between meetings. Truly set aside the time and space you need to think and write. Take what you tell your clients and apply it to yourself. You can’t just wish for a goal; you must plan. Pick specific areas to build out. 


Focus on what you can control. [5:40]

There is so much going on around you, and you cannot control the state of the world. You CAN control areas in your own life where you need to grow. Identify one area you have always wanted to grow and commit the time and resources to do it. Ex., an online course, a new book, connecting with DEI peers.


You need to build a supportive system. [8:42]

Do you think resting is enough to prevent burnout? Nope, it is not. Keep your aspirations alive as you plan your growth journey. Ground yourself in plans and people you can come back to.


Check out the episode for the action steps to help in your planning. 

Resources Mentioned: 

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How to Know When to Walk Away from your DEI Gig [Episode 001]


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