Meeting | Group Facilitation Services (Virtual)Conversations that center racism should be led by a professional

Without experienced facilitation, conversations in organizations or within groups that center racism can derail quickly. Inexperience hurts people. Well-meaning intent aside, without careful planning and experience in guiding racially-centered conversations, participants can be harmed. Not every consultant can do this work. These kinds of unproductive meetings make bringing people to the table the next time even more difficult — if not impossible. Creating a space where participants can be present and authentic is critically important no matter how long equity work has been underway. I always recommend hiring a professional for these kinds of meetings.

I design meetings to be engaging and interactive. My approach to meeting design and onsite work utilizes components of adult education theory. A facilitation engagement with me includes agenda planning, materials preparation, virtual facilitation, and a post-meeting follow-up plan. I end the engagement with a plan for concrete action steps because I do not believe that conversations create equity. Taking concrete action steps to mitigate racism creates equity.

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Services include

Planning and Design

Agenda Creation

Materials Development

Virtual Facilitation

Post-meeting Debrief

Post-meeting Action Plan

How Clients Use this Service

Clients use facilitation services when the topics of racial equity, racial equality, race, and racism are included within a meeting or retreat agenda.

A typical meeting | group facilitation engagement runs from 2 hours to a half-day of meeting time. Virtually, time could be split into two sessions. Rates start at $2,700 and vary based on the length of the meeting and the depth of follow-up desired by the client.

A word about pricing: Although there is no travel associated with virtual meetings, successful sessions require just as much, if not more, planning time to produce desired results.

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