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I listen to my clients and put together consulting packages that best meet their needs. My services fall into three main areas: meeting facilitation, training, coaching, professional development, and assessments.  I usually work with clients using a mix of services based on need and aspiration.

Due to the health, safety, and equity issues connected to the COVID-19 pandemic, I am only offering virtual sessions at this time. I look forward to being onsite with my clients, but I will do so when the work environment is safe is for every person. I have worked virtually with clients for a number of years, so I am positioned to meet you online as we navigate these new times.

Meeting | Group FacilitationUse for hard conversations

Conversations in organizations or within groups that raise the complexities of racism can derail quickly without experienced facilitation.  A facilitation engagement includes agenda planning, materials preparation, virtual facilitation, and a post-meeting follow-up plan. Rates vary based on the length of the meeting and the depth of follow-up desired by the client. 

How clients use: Clients hire me for a meeting or group facilitation when there’s a need for a race explicit conversation. There is a specific skill set and experience needed for guiding these conversations in ways that do not cause harm. When in doubt, hire someone to lead the conversation. 

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Training, Coaching, and Professional DevelopmentUse to advance specific equity goals

Training | Shared Learning and Goal Setting

Race in the Workplace is an introductory training session for organizations that engage in policy-focused work but have never had a shared learning experience. All content is customized to your organization’s area of focus and racial equity goals.

I feel strongly that training is not an end goal. It’s one step on a path to becoming a more racially equitable organization.

How clients use: Clients use this service as an initial shared learning experience or a refresher before exploring deeper racial equity work. It can be delivered organizationally (for small organizations) or in teams (for larger organizations). This training can be delivered virtually.

I can also deliver parts of this training as a conference session, network meeting, or a community collaborative session.

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Equity Audits | Organizational Culture and PracticesUse audits to create equity-centered practices

Equity Audits | Identify Differential Experiences & Inequitable Practices  

Equity audits are a way to learn where policies, practices, and protocols should be adjusted to be more equity-centered. Assessments can uncover instances where staff are experiencing aspects of the workplace differently. Assessments should always be followed by concrete action steps.

How clients use: The underlying premise of this work is that racism is baked into our processes. An audit can identify those areas. Clients hire me to review their organizational policies, practices, and processes to determine where inequities lie. Assessments are structured around the client’s needs but can include a document review only (e.g., human resources policies), an all-staff survey, interviews with staff, a report with recommendations, and an implementation strategy.

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Communications | Training and Document ReviewUse to create equity-centered practices

Communications | Language Matters: Communicating About Race Effectively

This practical, interactive session is for policy-focused organizations that have had a prior racial equity learning experience and are ready to dig into their communications practices. All content is customized to your organization’s challenge areas and racial equity goals. The session itself is four (4) hours and includes up to three follow-up virtual sessions. Session topics include:

How clients use: Clients use this service after prior racial equity training to bring written products and communication strategies in line with racial equity objectives. Clients also use this service to build the capacity of teams to incorporate an explicit racial analysis into their external communications work.

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Document Review | Your Racial Analysis Matters 

Problematic communications go viral in a matter of minutes. A document review includes a planning process, a document read, written feedback, and a follow-up technical assistance call. The depth of review and feedback are determined in the scope of work and will impact the rate.

How clients use: Clients hire me to review their communications products (e.g. papers, reports) and offer guidance on the use of language, messaging and framing.

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By Retainer | Includes the Full Range of ServicesUse when organizations, teams, or departments have different needs

Clients who use my services by retainer have access to the firm’s full range of services which includes meeting/group facilitation, coaching, training, and technical assistance — all based on need and circumstance. Specific pricing depends on a customized scope of work. Assessments are priced as an add-on. Services are billed quarterly.

How clients use: Typically, large organizations will work with me on retainer, because I am able to design specific equity-centered interventions that may vary by department, team, or unit. 

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