About Joanna Shoffner Scott and the Stamey Street Consulting Group

Stamey Street Consulting Group is a woman-owned consulting and professional services firm. We offer program management, meeting facilitation, advising, coaching and technical assistance to nonprofit and private sector clients – in ways that result in stronger, more racially just organizations. The mission of the Stamey Street Consulting Group is to connect organizations to management services using race-informed strategies that create racially equitable outcomes to enhance mission performance.

Principal and CEO, Dr. Joanna Shoffner Scott, started Stamey Street to embody the intersection of racial equity, public policy and organizational practice. She brings 10 years of racial equity experience to the company and 15 years of public policy experience in the areas of policy research, budget analysis and advocacy at the state and federal levels. The engine of the company centers social entrepreneurship with a deep commitment to racial justice.

Organizations use our services for three reasons: 1) they are able to hire us as specialists at a reasonable cost, 2) they are able to tap into talent pools that are otherwise inaccessible; and 3) we offer greater flexibility to bring on outside expertise for specialized projects.

I am proud to be a Black woman-owned enterprise, For me, starting my own business is a “GI Bill” equalizer. It’s a way to own my talent and labor in ways that were closed to the women who lived before me.”

Joanna Shoffner Scott, PhD., Principal & CEO

Why work with Joanna Shoffner Scott?

Experience matters. At Stamey Street, our approach to racial equity with clients always centers mission performance.  We always start with desired outcomes. Clients who work with us most often seek to add capacity to their staff or seek our expertise around issues of race and how it shows up in the day-to-day operation of organizations. Usually that means, clients seek practice change; program management expertise; or to address equity, diversity and inclusion within their organizations through coaching.

Joanna meets each of her clients where they are on their respective journeys and challenges them to do their work better and dig into their mission more deeply.  She has worked in almost every state with large and small organizations whose work falls in almost every sector.

“I have worked with many organizations over the years. Organizations who struggle with race almost always also struggle with bigger organizational development issues.”

 -Dr. Joanna Shoffner Scott, Principal and CEO

Why the name Stamey Street Consulting Group?

Names matter. Stamey Street is an important place in Joanna’s personal story. It represents the nexus of race, place, gender, class and history — the vital elements Joanna Shoffner Scott brings to her work with clients every day.

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